Giovanna Sun, Curatrice New York


we met the curator Giovanna Sun, after having published the press release relating to an organized virtual exhibition of the New York Artpot gallery.
what better opportunity to ask a few questions about how art is perceived and experienced in the big apple?

We know Giovanna Sun better

When did you decide to deal with art?

My business passion for art started 10 years ago, I had a restaurant and bar in Taipei. My customers are movie directors, interior designers, musicians and artists. They often came to my bar and I got the ideas to showcase their artworks. We had the collaborations with them. Artworks and paintings were displayed on the wall. After finished few art shows, one of my friends asked me to curate art shows and write art reviews, that’s how my art business began.

What did you study?

I was major in finance and economics, I took one Italian cinema class and decided to change my major to Cinema Studies. I also learned design, code and self-taught to how to paint and write music.

I curated art shows in Taipei, Los Angeles, Japan and New York. I like to meet artists, when I travel to foreign country, I always visit local galleries and expand my circle of friends in the art industry.

Three years ago, I met my business partner, King Li, we founded a mobile app company. This March, after a great success for our first open studios event in Highline Chelsea, we registered a new startup, Artpot a platform for the buying and selling of art.

How do you choose the artists?

We don’t criticize artworks; every artwork is the unique one. We’ll provide feedback based on our professional experience, suggesting types of art, as well as the best way to merchandise and sell a particular art piece. The artists often appreciate the constructive suggestions and feedback.

When we curate art shows, we often have themes and topics which is better for both buyers and artists.

For solo shows or special exhibitions, a strong perspective and visual impact is something we are looking for.

I always think outside the box, I like creative ideas, for art, I want to see original and unique art that can move people’s heart and stimulate emotion.

Artpot is designed as a platform for all, we service the artists and the buyers matching them and allowing for a diversity of culture, including emerging artists, young artists and established artists.

How do you promote artists?

We have media partners, podcast, and art magazine, we also select artists and artworks feature them and sponsor for advertising.

How important is communication?

Selling art globally requires strong communication, we use messenger and video chat to communicate with artists and buyers.

Art is intangible, price is tangible, what we do is add value to art and artist, and provide art consultations for both art collector and artist, make the art become the valuable asset and the best investment for taste of life and wealth.

We promote artists in the global market, artists can have a show in New York and we can send them to Asia, Europe and other foreign country. We curate international art shows not only in the United States. Even before the current pandemic, we delivered a virtual art buying experience that puts the art in front of a buyer regardless of where that buyer is located in relation to the artistic piece. The removal of the geographic barriers makes art and every participating artist’s work more accessible to buyers regardless of location.

What is the role of the gallery owner?

We aren’t looking to replace the gallery. The gallery still manages and oversees staff and coordinates calendars. The gallery also needs to plan and execute each show. Gallery owner also discover new art from everywhere in the world adding it to Artpot.

What is art for you?

I like all types of art. My personal preference is abstract and surrealism. New technology with AI and virtual reality also grab my attention.

Artpot is a World

Artists can sell through the app (available for download on the Apple Store and Google Store) and website,, DM our Instagram theartpotnet

The street art of SoHo is our support to Black Lives Matter
Virtual Tour di Soho Street Art 1

Virtual Tour di Soho Street Art 2

Many many thanks for your time, and your answer Giovanna

Alessio Musella

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